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(INN Video Interview) South Star Poised to Become First New Graphite Producer in the Americas Since 1996

(INN Video Interview) South Star Battery Metals Brings First Graphite Production to the Americas

Santa Cruz Construction Time Lapse (August 2023)

(INN Video Interview) Santa Cruz and BamaStar Graphite Projects and general market conditions for natural flake graphite

Webinar Resources and Reserves in Brazil: The New Reporting System (March 9, 2022)

Investor Webinar – December 10 2021

Santa Cruz Graphite Project Advantages (Webinar)

South Star Battery Metals agrees to key terms of a proposed earn in to the Ceylon Graphite Project

South Star Battery Metals – Highlights (Webinar)

Investor Webinar – April 2021

C-Suite At The Open – June 2020

Investor Webinar – March 2021

On-site: Floatation Work

Santa Cruz Drone Footage

Santa Cruz Drone Footage