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South Star Battery Metals

Our Commitment to the Sustainable Extraction of Battery Minerals for Clean Energy

South Star is committed to a corporate culture, project execution plan and safe operations that embrace the highest standards of ESG principles and aims to ensure that our reporting is consistent, transparent, and measurable within the accordance of industry standards.


Renewable Sources Provide 80% of Brazilian Energy Generation

A large percentage of our electricity comes from renewable energy sources. There is a strong demand for graphite in Brazil for the high-tech battery market as well as steelmaking, foundries, lubricants, electronics and automotive industries. The management team has a proven track record of taking projects into full operations in Brazil, and are in an ideal position to be one of the top suppliers for the batteries and clean energy markets.

South Star Battery Metals

Meeting Sustainable Development Goals & Bringing Investment to the Region

Our Santa Cruz Graphite Project will be the first major industrial operation in the entire municipality, and we are located in one of the most underdeveloped regions in Brazil.

There is a federal tax incentive (SUDENE) which is available to South Star in this region and which reduces 75% of the federal income tax for 10 years to help encourage investment in the region. The total amount spent on taxes/social contributions is projected to be USD51M over the 12 year life of the mine.


Protection of life on land, effective water management & low freshwater demand with process water recirculated, use of renewable energy


Committed to responsible, equitable hiring practices in partnership with community/municipality


Transparent reporting, ‘Open Door’ policy, providing community education and participating in various social programs